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          • 地址:温州市经济技术开发区滨海九路830号
          • 邮箱: cnkanggong@163.com
          • 时间:2023年-09月-20日




                 Zhejiang Kanggong Valve Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive company that adopts modern high-tech, research, development, and sales. It has many years of production experience and organizes production, management, and technological innovation in strict accordance with the international quality assurance system. "Kanggong" products have always been at the advanced level at home and abroad, and have the advantages of many varieties, complete specifications, beautiful appearance, stable performance, large torque, and long service life.        

                 Products are widely used in petroleum, chemical, electric power, metallurgy, environmental protection, textile, food, medicine, urban construction, heating and scientific research and other fields, and are exported to Europe, America, Middle East and Southeast Asia markets, and are well received. Based on the principle of serving customers at home and abroad wholeheartedly, while the original products continue to serve customers, we will introduce, produce and develop new product technologies according to the needs of the domestic and foreign markets to satisfy our customers.                          

                "Quality First, Customer Satisfaction" is the tenet that "Kanggong" people always follow. Quality is the foundation of survival, innovation is the core of development, and today's quality is tomorrow's market. All employees of our company take "Kanggong Valve, Casting Glory" as the spiritual power to create a world together with colleagues from all walks of life.